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What is vaping and what types of vapes are there?

Welcome to my first blog.

To start of this blog i think i should start with the basics and work our way through until we reach the more advanced topics related to vaping. 

So first things first you have to know  what a vape is and what types of vapes there are available, but most important what vape do you need to get as a beginner or as a smoker changing to vaping. 

What is vaping?

 Instead of lighting the e-cigarette with a flame, vaping involves a  battery source that is called a “vape device” that powers a heating element called a “coil” that vaporizes e-juice in a small chamber called an “atomizer”. The user then inhales the vapor through a small mouthpiece and then exhale the vapor.


So what exactly is a vape device? 

As mentioned above the vape device is a power source to heat up the coils so that the e-liquid can turn into vapor which you can then inhale. But the real power source is actually high drain batteries that will power up the device. 

There are a whole variety of vape devices out there but i am here to help you with getting the basics and to help you choose the right device from the get go.

 Here are some of the types of vape devices currently available in the vape world 

  • All in one devices 
  • Pod systems
  • Tube style vape
  • Box mods and starter kits
  • Pod mods
  • Mech mods AIO


An AIO is a compact vape that comes in a simple one or two-piece design and have all the components, such as vape tanks, in one whole body making these types of vape kits are IDEAL for beginners. You don’t need to worry about tanks, about batteries, about wicking all you do is put a coil into the tank fill up the juice and let it sit for a few minutes before you vape as the cotton needs to saturate.

AIOs come with replaceable coils instead of cartridges. This means that the user only needs to change the coil. Most AIOs will come with sub ohm coils that requires you to use them with lower nicotine concentrations.

The most common form of an AIO will look like a vape pen with the tank section that is fixed to the device where you can only access your coil section for cleaning and replacing.


A pod system is a mini vape that works on a three-part system: a small coil and pod cartridge filled with vape juice that snaps into a small battery.

They are available in two designs namely pre-filled or refillable and will either have a button to press to heat up the coil or will activate as you take a puff.

There’s virtually an endless amount of pod vapes on the market but the ones that always stands out are the ones with bigger battery capacity and ones that can change the power settings

Pod systems use smaller coils than what your all in one devices use and they require juices called nic salts which is thinner in viscosity and higher in nicotine but you can use what they call MTL juice or your normal vape juice in some of the coils.

A pod system is a very good option to smokers who would like to stop smoking as the nicotine salt is high in nicotine and will keep the cravings at bay.  Pod systems are are affordable making your wallet and wife happy this is why its such a good option.


these tube style vapes look similar to an AIO  but are much bigger and much more powerful. These devices use your normal low nicotine strength vape juices and can produce some big clouds of vapor.

This tube mod usually comes as a kit with a tank that is removable and replaceable. Tube mods have simple, one-button controls. They often use USB charging and have long-lasting, batteries. They are quite easy to use and to maintain.


A box mod is another type of high powered vape with the biggest difference being the most obvious its shape.

Box mods come in different designs, configurations, and aesthetics. The size of box mods can range from small to large.

Box mods may be constructed with fixed internal LiPo batteries that recharge via USB cables or with removable Li-Ion batteries that can be recharged either via USB, or preferably on an external dedicated charger.

A box mod usually have a screen that will give you lots of valuable information like the battery life you have left of how much power you are using. A box mod also have  a chip that allows you to adjust values such as the wattage or voltage delivered to the atomizer.

These devices are very popular among the vape enthusiasts and hobbyists as these devices allow you to configure the settings and add other tanks to the device.

These mods are very versatile due to the setting and part that can be replaced, it even goes as far as installing handmade coils.

With these devices you really learn a lot and opens a whole new world of vaping for you.


Pod mods are the latest addition to the vape device family and this one is quite special. As the name say its a pod and its a mod which means it offers you the best of both worlds.

The best way describe a pod mod  is that it will have a screen like a mod, power like a single battery mod, but still comes with a pod cartridge. The latest version of pod mods comes with an adapter where you can now fit a tank or rda on it as well.

The pod mod is compact and hand sized, it will also come in various shapes as manufacturers are always trying new designs.

In a starter kit you will come accross 2 types of coils the one will be above 1ohm which is primarily used with nic salts, then you will get a coil that is below 1ohm and is used with a freebase juice. 

Pod mods are becoming very popular in the vape world because it has all the features of a small mod and its also got the features of a pod.

Mech mods (not for beginners)

mechanical mod is a surprisingly simple piece of equipment, far more so than most inexperienced vapers imagine it to be. In simple terms, it is a vape device that provides pure battery power to the atomizer. Mechanical mods are unregulated, meaning they don’t have chips or circuitry that provide safety features meaning they are basic, simple, and potentially harmful thus it requires you to know all about ohms law, vaping safety and battery safety

Mech mods use a simple process to produce vapor. The battery is in contact with both the top and bottom caps of the mod, and when it is activated by a spring loaded button the current flows into the heating coil. This circuit is all that is needed to power the mod and make it possible for you to vape.

They are usually in a tube shape but some will come in a box mod shape. Mech mods are aimed at the more experienced vapers that gained all the relevant knowledge about vaping safety and would like to experience the unregulated style of vaping.

Now that you know about the types of vaoe devices you can make the right decision on which device will be the right one to get you started on your vaping journey Remember to vape safe and responsible Till my next blog The random vaper is out on a vape cloud


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