My name is Daniel (ssshhhh don’t tell anyone they all know me as THE RANDOM VAPER) and i was a cigarette smoker for over 15 years and during that time I tried different ways to stop the bad habit, from chewing gum to nicotine patches to even reading a book over and over again……

But nothing actually satisfied my cravings for smoking a cigarette.

Fortunately for me, about 5 years ago I discovered a cheap vape pen called the Ego-T and did not have any knowledge about the vape pen,,,,,, or for that matter vaping as a whole. The only thing I knew was that you fill it up and vape it and when the battery is flat I had to charge it.

It was a cool trendy thing to be an “E Smoker”

But I still had my ups and downs with the device and vaping, so i just ended up smoking again.

About a year later my friend gave me his old Smok V8 stick, he showed me everything I needed to know to get me going and from there on I got hooked and was on my way to a safer alternative to smoking while having a great flavor experience too.

A few weeks down the line I googled the nearest vape store in my area and when i got there i was over the moon with all the types of vapes and the gear that you can get for a vape. In that very moment i was inspired by vaping and wanted to learn so much more about vaping.

So there i was googling about vaping when i came across a few reviewers that inspired me to start reviewing vape products and help people to get off the stinkies with a safer alternative.

There i was doing research and watching reviews till my head started spinning and It was in that moment I coined and realised my famous saying for my wick:

“The wetter the better.”

From there on I wanted to share all the knowledge I gained and continue gaining by sharing it with fellow vapers and smokers.

Fast forward a few years later and here i am doing what I love and helping people along the way and having fun while doing it.

So follow my blog right here and I hope I can help you, that we build a relationship and more importantly grow our vaping community,

Shout out to ZMV for giving you and I a platform to have this blog.

If you would like to write a piece you can submit it to TheRandomVaper@Zulumanvape.com

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