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Ways to save juice during the lockdown

Have you ever been in a situation where you have limited amount of vape juice left and you still got a long way to go before you will get your hands on another bottle? Today i will be giving you some real smart tips on how to make your juice last longer during your struggle.

Lower your wattage

If you are like me and like to blow some big clouds then you will be upset to turn down the power but in the end it is all worth it. By lowering the wattage on your device it will produce less clouds but will also ensure that you do not evaporate all your juice up faster than you can blink.

Adjust your airflow

By lowering your power you will also need to close your airflow as it will increase the flavors from vaping on a lower setting. By adjusting your airflow you will notice that even less juice are being used. Do not close it too tight on a tanks as you will suck the juice right through the wicking ports causing your tank to leak and you will lose your last bit of juice you had left.

Prevent leaks

Leaking juice is a huge waste especially in a time when you need it the most. Make sure that your O’rings are in good condition and that you fix any possible leaking issues before you start to pour your last drops.

Sub-ohm coils that are used up will also start to leak so make sure that your coil is still in a good condition. The same goes for your handcrafted coils if they are dirty they will not perform as well as they need to and will require you to adjust the power higher or worst case to clean your coils and rewick them making you to waste juice unnecessarily.

Ration like soldier

This one is very obvious but mostly ignored. If you are low on juice then you already know that you should start vaping less.  If you are used to picking up your vape every 10 minutes then the best thing to do is slow down and only vape when you really feel the need to vape. I know this is the hardest part but you know without this step your juice won’t last as long as you want it to last.

Only use one setup

Many vapers already have more than one setup or atomizer. If you want to save on juice i highly recommend to use your favorite setup and stick with it becuse if you are going to use more than one device you will definitely use alot more juice and you don’t want that in your situation.

Avoid the sun

Leaving your vape in the hot sun can cause many problems, the biggest problem is your juice will get hot and get thin wich will cause your tank to start leaking. If it’s really hot outside the juice will even start to evaporate without you noticing a single thing.

Single coil

The best way to save juice during tough times is to take that cloud chucking dual coil and make it a single coil for the time being.  This is quite obvious with only 1 coil you will save up to 50% on your juice consumption as there is only one coil to saturate ensuring less juice is used. This will also save you on some cotton too.


By now you know that your cotton keeps a lots of juice and by rewicking you are wasting all the efforts mentioned above. Only rewick when it is necessary, even if you are swapping from one juice to another. The trick is to vape the first juice up until the last drop and then vape until your cotton until it is nearly dry and just before you get a dry hit, this is the right time to swap the flavors as this will prevent you from getting a weird taste from vaping 2 different juices.

Every last drop

We all know that the chubby gorilla bottles don’t want to give us the last few drops even of we shake the bottle so that all the juice can move to the tip or even leaving it upside down overnight and still the bottle keeps the last drop.

So here is how you get the last drop

Keep your bottle standing upright for a few hours, then cut the bottle open as close to the bottom as possible. Once the bottle is open you can then pour the last drops into your tank or onto your coils.

Now that you know how to save that last bit of liquid gold you can finally strategize on getting a new juice.

Warning do not try the following as it is not safe and is not good for your health

Many questions have been asked on how to save on vape juice and quite a few of these solutions are not very safe. So I took some time and wrote down the things you should avoid while saving on juice.

Never mix water with your juice

When water heats up it gets converted into steam which is a potential hazard to your mouth. When you directly inhale steam, you are at risk of burning the inside of your mouth all the way down to your throat.

Adding alcohol

This may sound stupid but this question is popping up all over the internet. Just because vodka is added in the DIY recipes, you cannot directly vape the alcohol. In the vape juices, alcohol concentrates are added in the mix not your alcohol from the liquor store.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that these few tips will go with you for as long as you vape.

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