About Us

Being vapers – founding partners of ZuluMan Vapes were in search of quality vape juice, that could suit their palate, not kill their coils and not cost them an arm and a leg.

After understanding the retail and wholesale market of vape juice, we realized that there was an opportunity to offer our consumers an affordable juice without losing the premium feel and quality and thus … ZuluMan Vapes was born!

We searched to partner with reputable sources to create the best quality juice that would not compromise on health and the necessities for every vaper.

At ZMV we pride ourselves by working with registered pharmacists to ensure that each batch of our products undergo standards of the highest quality.

ZuluMan Vape juices are manufactured in a facility which operates under and adheres to the strict protocols of pharmaceutical conditions which links to our ISO 9001 standard.



A Vape reviewer and trustworthy source of Liquid and device choices.

The Random Vaper has built credibility in the Vape Industry and has grown his name as someone who really knows his stuff. More importantly he loves our juice and advocates for us. 

All our R&D products pass him before it is ready for you.

Check out his blog on our site.

Client Testimonials

“I was searching for a cheap but lekker vape juice for long. ZMV is the one and best thing is it doesn't gunk up my coils like other juices i've tried.”
Faadil Solomons
“Love this juice. My favourite is the Watermelon. I can't smoke any other juice”
Edgard Dupreez
“May fav is the Litchi Bomb! Best part about this juice is it doesn't leave an after taste”
Jacob Mpahlele